Are you looking to start your own business, but finding that the process can be overwhelming? From sales, marketing, and operational teams to budgets and cash flow, there is quite a bit that goes into starting one’s own business.

Understanding this, Money Savvy, a Multiple - award-winning brand and business, has launched its business licensee offering with women empowerment at the core.


Simply put, this offers ordinary African women access to buying, owning, and running a ready-made business, in the form of a Money Savvy license.


This means you can now own your own Money Savvy business while receiving everything you need to start up.


If you share our purpose to ensure African’s not only work their way out of poverty, but that they have the tools to stay out and reach financial freedom, then we want you on our team. We offer licenses for you to take the Money Savvy mission and make it your own.


Whether you’re passionate about helping the youth, your peers or your community, we have a solution for you to carry to those who need it most.


We believe in woman empowerment and invite all those fierce females out there to join our ranks and show the world that the future is financial freedom and the future is indeed female.


Who is Money Savvy?


Live the life of your dreams, not the life of your means. Financial freedom starts with financial education.


Navigating the financial waters has left many either washed up on the shore or at the bottom of the ocean. With so many misconceptions, misunderstandings and misleading information, it’s no wonder that 70% of income earning adults in South Africa are over indebted.


We are more than a product, and more than a training platform. We’re a catalyst and driver to shift mindsets to ensure Africans not only work their way out of poverty, but that they have the tools to stay out.


Whether you’re just starting out on your journey to financial freedom, on your way and have lost your way, or are just looking to improve on where you’re at right now, Money Savvy has the tools to help you not only build your wealth, but to keep it too. We don’t promise to make you rich, but we do promise to keep you rich.


Welcome to the Money Savvy revolution.


What does it include?


License opportunities are available across Africa and include business training, product training, finance training, marketing training, and sales training.


You will also receive programme material, monthly marketing collateral, business cards, letterheads, personalised corporate profiles, digital signatures, social posts, banners, fliers, campaign material, access to established social media channels, website advice, and the support of the founder.


For more information on this offering you can Contact Us on our website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..