How To Get Money Savvy In 10 Easy Steps

Managing your money is a skill that you can learn. Even if you think you know enough, there is always something new to learn about growing your wealth. 


We were not taught about money in school or by our parents. In fact, talking about money was taboo in my house. My dad made all the money, and my mom paid all the bills at the bank each month. I knew there was always cash in the safe and that my dad paid the labour wages on a Friday so on a Friday there was always wads of cash at the house. This was my financial education from my parents. My mom also told me constantly that “Money did not grow on trees” and that “I will need to work really hard for my money”. Both “beliefs” were beliefs I needed to change as an adult. I hated that all my pre- programming about money was all negative.


Why do we have such negative emotions and feeling towards money?


Who made our parents hate money? Why did their parents think wanting to be wealthy was a sin?


Ask any child what they want to be when they grow up and you will hear things like “I want to be a doctor”, “I want to travel the world”, “I want to save the whales”, “I want to be a ballerina”.


Dreams cost money. So, if dreams cost money, why are we not teaching our children how to grow their wealth?


At Money Savvy we do believe in teaching children to make, manage, and grow their own income from as young as 6.


So, whether you are looking to empower yourself or your children with financial knowledge these 10 steps will get you money savvy in 2021.


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