Sany Weng


"Be the author of your own story, don't allow others to write your chapters."
~Augusto Cury~


Sany Weng
Strategic Partner


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Sany Weng is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the business industry. She studied in Portugal in her childhood and teenage years, moving back to Mozambique in 2004. Despite facing numerous challenges, Sany was determined to succeed and further her education by pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.

Sany has a strong track record of success in the business industry, starting her career as an Administrative Assistant in a Telecommunications company before taking on a similar role with an Engineering company in Portugal. Upon returning to Mozambique in 2009, she demonstrated her ability to multitask and manage multiple responsibilities while working in her family's IT business, where she was responsible for overseeing all departments, including Sales, Procurement, Management, Finance, Budgeting, and HR. Additionally, Sany supported a mining company as an office manager and successfully acquired exploration licenses by liaising with the Ministry of Mines. Throughout her career, she has consistently shown her ability to take on challenges and persevere, never giving up.

In 2013, Sany explored other opportunities and joined MMO as an office manager. She has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout her tenure at the company. She has risen through the ranks to become a Facilities Manager in 2014 and a General Manager in 2017. In her current role, Sany has demonstrated exceptional vision and leadership. She manages a portfolio of 50+ international clients, leads a team of 20 people, is responsible for three business centres and FM contracts, and has been responsible for finance, marketing, sales, human resources, procurement, budgeting, and project management. Her ability to multitask and effectively lead a team has been instrumental in the company's success. Sany has also demonstrated a commitment to corporate performance; she was appointed as MMO's E&S Officer in January 2019 to ensure ESMS implementation and improvement within the company.

Furthermore, she is a co-founder and shareholder of MMO Facilities and has been instrumental in the company's growth. Sany's journey is an inspiration for many, she has overcome numerous challenges in her career, but she has never let them stand in the way of her goals. Her determination and hard work have earned her a place at the top of her field, and she is determined to use this platform to demonstrate that women can be just as successful as men in leadership roles.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Sany has also been an active member of her community, volunteering to help the displaced during the war and supporting orphanages through donations.

She is also a passionate entrepreneur; in 2018, she started a business in serviced apartments, listed her flat on Airbnb, and is now running two apartments in a partnership. With her love for baking, she opened Tasty Hub, a baking startup and planned to open a coffee shop this year. Sany is dedicated to personal development, enrolled in courses such as Facilities Management, Interior Design and Business Management to keep updated. In January of this year, she embarked on a new Business venture in financial education, joining the Money Savvy Group to become the face of Money Savvy Mozambique, allowing her to be a Financial educator and trainer. With these new skills, she is determined to reach youngsters and women from her community to help them become financially independent. Overall, Sany is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional who has demonstrated exceptional vision, leadership, and corporate performance throughout her career. Her commitment to the community is a testament to her character and integrity.